Méconium is my solo industrial techno project , various influence such as breakcore, hardcore, noise, vodka, breakbeat. Like prenatal shit anti-music in your mouth (what the phoque ?)

If you're into hard electronic sophisticated destruction, this is what you need !





Barlok - Bruxelles/BE W/ ...  
21/09/2017 CCL - Lille/FR W/ Hassan K, Logosamphia FLY
23/06/2017 Mouscron/BE le Risquons-tout en Goguette W/ Patré Patrick FLY
05/05/2017 l' Univers - Lille/FR Lille VJ Fest FLY
25/02/2017 Acceuil Froid - Amiens/FR W/ Aérobiconoise, Racle'n'roll, Quasiviri, DJ Hope, Cométe normale FLY
27/01/2017 CCL - Lille/FR W/ The Guiguisuisui Show, Goricktus, TZKY FLY
29/07/2016 Les Douanes - Dunkerque/FR W/ Cheval Scintillantes, Dolpf Springer, Chatmonium FLY
05/07/2016 CCL - Lille/FR W/ Big Bernie, Grüppe FLY
12/12/2015 Calypso 2 - Lille/FR Dark Acid Tropic W/ dj MK-F, Noreal & D.Eska, Ad-2, le Monocle FLY
26/11/2015 CCL - Lille/FR W/ Sajjra, Lucho Pelucho FLY
3/10/2015 Dame C - Lille/FR CSF Microparty w/ Deidream, Jotie, Soultriped FLY
25/04/2014 Resto Soleil - Lille/FR Chip Sound Factory W/ Mind Muncher + Sickboy Milkplus FLY
20/04/2014 Somewhere - Bruxelles/BE W/ NAH, ilill, BobéVanJézu, BaBy KruGer, Holzkopf, C_C, Mechakucha FLY
25/01/2014 CCL - Lille/FR W/ Terrificolor, C_C, Exoterrism FLY


Le Midland - Lille/FR W/ DJ Matthijs K, DJ Von XII FLY


CCL - Lille/FR W/ Vallonia, Ambiteknomusik, DJ boutinette FLY


Le Détour - Lille/FR W/ Terrificolor, G4z, je te veux, Exoterrism FLY



-Vide Lacunaire-

digital ep 3 tracks

Label : Immigrant Breast Nest

Mix and artwork by Méconium
Pre-mastered by Simon Zaderatzky
Mastered by Dan Abatemarco

Released : 5/6/2017




(Various artists)

free digital 17 trax

Label : Mauvais pour les yeux

Released : 5/11/2013


-20 Years of NKS Compilation-

(Various artists)

100 traxxx compilation, 4sides : Digital Punkcore/ Melodic Glitch/ Dancecore Darkdrum/ Industrial Terror

Label : NKS International

Released : june 2013



-Poop Slice-

free digital ep 8 trax

Label : NKS International

Released : 26/02/2013




mail : crapule_jack(at)gmx.com

soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/meconium

bandcamp : http://mconium.bandcamp.com/


Immigrant Breast Nest, free NYC worldwide netlabel : http://immigrantbreastnest.com/

NKS International, free netlabel : http://nksinternational.free.fr

TTanker, electronic bastard music at Lille : http://t.tanker.free.fr

MPLY, collective waste disposal : http://mauvaispourlesyeux.tk/

Machine Sauvage, collectif of digital art : http://www.machinesauvage.com

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