Méconium is my solo industrial techno project , various influence such as breakcore, hardcore, noise, vodka, breakbeat. Like prenatal shit anti-music in your mouth (what the phoque ?)

If you're into hard electronic sophisticated destruction, this is what you need !


2024 - My Pets Should Be Grubs [Chelicerate Rec]

Future broken apocalypse, mutant biological core catastrophe



2023 - The Synaptic Vesicle Routine [Acre Rec]

Three-track EP fusing the worlds of speedcore, glitched sound design and IDM.


2020 - Toute ressemblance ne serait que fortuite [Martine Ravage]

Mathcore and grindcore remix, hardcore techno with acid and mathematical beat.
All tracks are remixes of grindcore band POIRO.


2017 - Vide Lacunaire [Immigrant Breast Nest]

Broken experimental kicks rhythms, inside infinity space of an unstable reverb.
Sound like hard industrial, with some breakcore, flashcore color.
Like Egdar varèse meet Thunderdome.




Oops... not now


Contact : crapule_jack(at)gmx.com

Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/meconium

Bandcamp : mconium.bandcamp.com


Acre Recordings, any core label : acrerecordings.bandcamp.com

Chelicerate : https://chelicerate.bandcamp.com/

Martine Ravage Records, weird electronic label : martineravagerecords.bandcamp.com

Immigrant Breast Nest, free NYC worldwide netlabel : immigrantbreastnest.com

NKS International, free netlabel : nksinternational.free.fr

MPLY, collective waste disposal : mauvaispourlesyeux.tk

Machine Sauvage, digital art collectif www.machinesauvage.com

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