Méconium is my solo industrial techno project , various influence such as breakcore, hardcore, noise, vodka, breakbeat. Like prenatal shit anti-music in your mouth (what the phoque ?)

If you're into hard electronic sophisticated destruction, this is what you need !



2023 - The Synaptic Vesicle Routine

Three-track EP fusing the worlds of speedcore, glitched sound design and IDM.

2020 - Toute ressemblance ne serait que fortuite

Mathcore and grindcore remix, hardcore techno with acid and mathematical beat.
All tracks are remixes of grindcore band POIRO.


2017 - Vide Lacunaire

Broken experimental kicks rhythms, inside infinity space of an unstable reverb.
Sound like hard industrial, with some breakcore, flashcore color.
Like Egdar varèse meet Thunderdome.




Oops... not now


Contact : crapule_jack(at)gmx.com

Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/meconium

Bandcamp : mconium.bandcamp.com


Acre Recordings, any core label : acrerecordings.bandcamp.com

Martine Ravage Records, weird electronic label : martineravagerecords.bandcamp.com

Immigrant Breast Nest, free NYC worldwide netlabel : immigrantbreastnest.com

NKS International, free netlabel : nksinternational.free.fr

MPLY, collective waste disposal : mauvaispourlesyeux.tk

Machine Sauvage, digital art collectif www.machinesauvage.com

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